Whether you're wanting a beachy white rock or a natural tan rock with a mountainous look we have it! We carry a vast selection of Decorative rock---the largest in Carteret County!

We carry a large selection of Cypress Mulch, including our most popular Chocolate along with Black, Red and Natural, we also have stock Pine nuggets and a pre-blended topsoil compost blend which is ideal for all of your gardening needs!

Coastal Mulch carries Sable and Pindo Palms to choose from, these are cold weather hardy palms that will give your yard that tropical look for many years to come, stop by and check out our trees.

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Saturday - 8am to 1pm
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HOurs of Operation

- Red Cypress Mulch
- Chocolate Cypress
- Black Cypress
- Gold Cypress
- Hardwood Mulch
- Brown Hardwood
- Pine Bark Nuggets
- Granite Rock

​- Rip Rap

- Fill Sand

​- Mortar Sand

​​- Top Soil Compost

- 3/4 Brown Rock

- 1.5 x 3" River Rock
- 1.25" River Rock
- 1" River Rock
- 2.5 x 5" Tennessee Rock
- 3/4 x 1.5" Tennessee Rock
- 1 x 3 Carolina Mix
- 1 x 3" Multicolor Rock
- Crush n' Run

- Sabal Palms

​- Pindo Palms

At Coastal Mulch we offer a wide variety of choices in mulch, decorative rock, hardwood and other excellent choices for landscaping your personal yard or business site.

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We can make it look "mulch" better

Beautify your home with landscaping rock or mulch from the Professionals at Coastal Mulch.

Coastal Mulch carries long needle Pine Straw, it has a rich color and is much cleaner than what you will find at big named stores. We sell, deliver and install our products within 100 miles of our facility located in Bogue, NC. 

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